Lose 50 Pounds on the Mediterranean Diet by Eating MORE

2. Taking a different perspective

This part is a tricky one, I know, but it’s a perspective I suggest you adopt from the beginning. Even though you’ve arrived at this point because you’re willing to lose weight, that should NOT be your primary objective. As a matter of fact, you should not have an objective at all regarding your weight (unless you’re under some medical condition at the moment, in which case you should definitely follow your doctor’s advice and take care of that first).

I suggest your only goal should be to lead a full life, where food (and everything else, for that matter) takes its due place. If you eat only what you need to sustain your body, and you take the time to actually taste and enjoy it, your weight will naturally become the right one for you. The Mediterranean diet is great but remember: the perfect diet is the one which does not exist.