Lose 50 Pounds on the Mediterranean Diet by Eating MORE

Weight loss seems to have a privileged place in our culture these days. Unfortunately, this concept is usually linked to aesthetics alone. Health and wellness seem to have lost their place to the dreadful fear of not fitting in.

Caught in this very trap myself, four years ago I was deeply overweight. In fact, after being in that condition for a long period of time, not only did I start having issues with my health, but at one point I was also unable to properly take care of my then six-month-old son. Fortunately, the solution came in the form of the so called Mediterranean Diet… and a little bit of soul searching on my part. The result: I lost almost 50 pounds over a 10-12 month period, without ever feeling hungry and by taking care of my health along the way. The following are my seven top tips to lose weight in a healthy way.

1. Come to terms with your body

You and your body have come a long way together. And you know what? You’ve both behaved the best and only way you could all along. Get to know those ways. It’s important that we understand and forgive ourselves before we can move forward.

That bucket of ice cream just seems to call you whenever you have an argument with your husband? Do those fries always find a way into your hand as soon as you think about tackling your to-do-list? That’s ok, it’s just the way you’ve learned to manage things so far. Even if you think you should change your habits from now on, accept them first. Embrace them, without judgment.