Lose 50 Pounds on the Mediterranean Diet by Eating MORE

3. Back into limits

You may think your problem has to do with too many burgers, but the thing is: you probably don’t really know exactly what it is you’re eating or how much food you’re consuming during the day. I know I didn’t when I first started. In any case, I suggest you do this: Quite simply, spend a few days just paying attention to what you eat. How many meals do you have a day? Do you eat between meals? Just take notes; and again, don’t judge yourself or change anything yet. Also, don’t go too much into detail. A general idea will do.

Once you’re done, try and commit yourself to doing these two things:
– Eat just a little less in every meal (let’s say, one fifth?)
– Do not eat between meals

That’s it. Do that for a couple of weeks. Do not starve yourself. Do not count calories. Just let your body gently fall back into limits.