8 Signs You Might Live A Long Life

Few of us want to die and as a result, we might like to envision ourselves living well into our nineties or even to 100. But, as we all know, life tends to be unpredictable and the truth of the matter is that there is no sure-fire way to know how long you will live. There are a few things, however, that could indicate that you have a better than average chance to live a long life. As researchers and scientists continue to make new discoveries about human health, they are able to better estimate how long a person can live. Check out these eight signs that could mean that you’ll be around to enjoy life a bit longer than you might have imagined.

1. Being well-educated

Have you ever noticed that people who are well-educated and have achieved a lot in life tend to live longer? Although research has proven that well-educated people tend to live longer, the reasons that they do are not quite as clear-cut. One theory is that people who are well-educated are more likely to make healthier lifestyle choices like avoiding tobacco and exercising regularly. Another idea is that well-educated people know more about managing the chronic conditions or diseases that they suffer from.