8 of the Best High Fiber Foods For Weight Loss

Perhaps you’re getting a bit tired of hearing about how good fiber is for you. After all, it’s often advertised as something you need in your diet to help you ward off a variety of health-related problems, including uncomfortable (both to talk about and experience!) situations like constipation. Even though you may be a bit worn out from the unending barrage of preaching about the health benefits of this mysterious substance called fiber, might you be more interested if you knew that eating fiber can help you lose weight? Yes indeed, there are more practical benefits to be had by eating fiber than regularity. To take advantage of fiber’s slimming qualities, you may want to focus your efforts on these eight foods that are inexpensive, readily available and loaded with beneficial fiber.

1. Broccoli

Broccoli is a word that may strike fear in the hearts of many people who recall the struggles they endured during childhood when their parents expected them to eat all of this rather uninspiring vegetable when it appeared on their dinner plate. Broccoli does not have to be boring, however. It can be worked into tasty salads, coleslaw, casseroles, and stir-fries. You can enjoy the benefits of 3 grams of fiber from a measly half-cup serving of broccoli, so eat up!