5 Foods That May Cause Weird Dreams

There’s no fully understood logic to grasp when it comes to the complexity of dreams. Often, one would question what someone dreams about, why they dreamed it in the first place and why they can’t remember it, even within minutes of waking up. Although the reasoning isn’t fully understood and varies per human, there are foods that may make your dreams feel a bit crazy. Eating right before bed can enable crazy dreams to occur, so many consider their diet. Limiting these foods, especially in the evening, can be something to consider.

1. Caffeine

While the tea or coffee that you drink before bed may feel like a de-stressing action, it can actually be causing you to have some mad dreams. The problem is not the tea/coffee itself, but the caffeine content within. You’re relaxing your body muscles, but your mind remains stimulated. Not only does this often prevent you from falling into a deep sleep, your dreams end up being bizarre, causing you to keep waking up and lose the amount of sleep you get during the night. Try a decaffeinated option and see if it helps.