5 of the Worst Pieces of Nutritional Advice, Ever

When was the last time you heard a terrible piece of nutritional advice that made no sense at all? There are several old wives tales about food and nutrition that are usually harmless, useless or both. Sometimes they can end up damaging our bodies in the long run. Here are 5 of the worst pieces of nutritional advice you can follow.

5. Replace butter with Margarine

Yes, butter has fat. But that doesn’t mean you should replace it with margarine which is highly processed, crammed with chemicals and disguised to taste like real food. It is actually worse than butter and increases your risk of heart disease much more than butter. The same applies to vegetable oils. Processed oils can cause more harm than their natural counterparts. There is no logic in consuming completely artificial things and expecting to stay healthy. Stick to fresh, natural foods and have small amounts of butter if you cannot completely eliminate it from your diet.