7 Tinder Alternatives You Can Swipe Right For

A lot of people use Tinder just because they are bored and they want to see what the fuss is all about. They are just “looking” over there and maybe hopefully, if something matches, then they might think about it. However, there may come a time when you are bored of just looking, and Tinder isn’t exactly helping you find a match. In such cases, why not try out some of the other alternative dating apps?

7. OkCupid

Tinder may be a bit too rigid for most people. So if you are looking for something that is more like a social media, then OKCupid should be your pick. It is the social media of dating apps. Yes, there is the quick matching function that Tinder has made so popular, but there is more depth to OkCupid than just that.

6. Plenty Of Fish

How many times have you heard people say that there is plenty of fish in the sea? Well, there were probably talking about this particular app. PlentyOfFish happens to be one of the very first matchmakers, and it is still doing well. The way it works is that it takes in different algorithms to find your match. Each algorithm will focus on something different thereby allowing you to broaden your search and find the perfect person.

5. Bumble

This particular app is perfect for the ladies. Bumble is more or less like Tinder. You see somebody you like, you swipe and hope for a match. However, the main difference here is that only the ladies can start a conversation with somebody. Also, if the woman does not message within the first 24 hours, then the match disappears.

4. Badoo

Another app that is sort of similar to Tinder, Badoo also deals with the leaving likes on the profile in the hopes of getting a match. But there is more, you can visit a person’s profile without matching them, based on the location. You can add more information to your profile and get awards for being active.

3. How About We

One app that is completely different from other dating apps is How About We. This one focuses more on getting you out and having a real date. You complete your idea of a first date and based on that you can search for others. If there is a match, then you both have the option of meeting up.

2. SaladMatch

Want something completely different? Then why not give SaladMatch a try. It is quite a hilarious way to find a match. Developed by a salad restaurant chain, the app SaladMatch finds you the perfect match based on your taste of the salad. Yes, as weird as it sounds, it does work wonders when two people have the same taste buds! Besides, it makes an interesting story to tell to your kids somewhere down the line.

1. Happn

Happn is a slightly different type of dating app. It deals with people that have crossed path with in the past. It deals with personal events such as seeing a cute lady on the road and wanting to discover her via social media. It is different from the other apps out there so you could give this a shot!