Improve Your Health: 11 Superfoods

Health is the biggest gift nature has provided humans and also given the responsibility to take care of it until the end. However, in order to fulfill that task, nature has also provided us necessary elements. Those elements are generally known as superfoods and their actions are no different than their name. They are amazing at combating various illnesses, keeping you healthy from mind to body.


The following is a list of 11 amazing super foods that will improve your health and help you live longer.

11. Avocados

If you want a healthy substitute for butter or cream, then these green fruits are always there to rescue you. They are packed with more potassium, vitamin K and folate (a vitamin B component essential for DNA and red blood cells production) than a banana. Although these alligator-pears are high in fats, they are monosaturated fats, that creates a positive impact on your level of cholesterol.

10. Prunes

Whether it’s about shaking off your particular age-related stigmas or improving Iron absorption, these so-called dried plums could help you with all these. A chewy snack, available year-round and have extreme nutritional features. Studies have shown that prunes consist of large quantities of vitamin K, vitamin C, and most B vitamins. They are great for weight loss and blood sugar levels purposes.

9. Garlic

Garlic is packed with vitamin C, vitamin B6, and manganese. Since this food has high antioxidant properties, it can help you ward off a cold and can prevent illnesses before it takes hold. Studies have shown that Garlic leads to a significant fall in high blood pressure and the number of strokes or heart attacks.

Garlic is a rich source of allicin as well which helps prevent hair loss. So all you pretty ladies out there, bear the cost a bad breath for a while to experience thicker and longer hair for life!

8. Barley

In order to get rid of bacteria production and high cholesterol, this superfood could do wonders. Barley decreases your risk of heart diseases and colon cancer as well as provides your body with necessary intestinal protection. Who’s up for the grains here now???

7. Olive oil

A Mediterranean oil that is packed with vitamins E and K, plus healthy fats. It has anti-inflammatory benefits such as ibuprofen and is great for combating chronic inflammatory diseases such as arthritis. Studies suggest that cooking with olive oil in place of other oils could significantly lower the chances of various heart diseases. So, don’t forget to pick a handy bottle of olive oil for your kitchen from the supermarket next time!

6. Cashews

If you or someone you know is suffering from anemia or is in great need for some improvement in their vision or a boost to their immune system, suggest them a handful of cashew nuts daily. Since this super-food is a great source of zinc and iron, it can help prevent anemia and vision or immunity problems. It also contains magnesium that is effective in improving one’s memory. Eating cashews could also help people suffering from memory loss associated with age.

5. Brazil Nuts

A nut to fight against certain cancers!! A single serving of Brazil nuts could provide your body with the appropriate amount of selenium, a mineral that inhibits cancerous cell growth in the human body. However, it is recommended not to go overboard as more than one serving of these nuts a day could harm our body. Brazil Nuts can also help with Diabetes.

4. Dark Chocolate

A high cacao content food that not only swears to keep your entire body healthy but also keeps your mind stress free. It is filled with flavonoids that improve blood flow and reduces high blood pressure. Dark chocolates are great for overall heart health and could help in losing weight as well. So, which one would go for a heart-shaped milk chocolate box or a pack of licorice?

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3. Honey

An all-rounder superfood, to keep you healthy inside and out. In spite of its sweet taste, honey is effective in preventing tooth decay, thanks to its antibacterial properties. It works like an antiseptic, soothing agent as well as an energy booster. It is a great source of antioxidants that help keep your immune system strong.

At times when you feel under the weather, try adding a dollop of honey in your tea. This could help you get relief from a bad headache, sore throat and improve sleep by supplying necessary nutrients.

2. Spinach

This super food has everything to be at the top of your grocery list. These leafy greens are a rich source of folate, magnesium, potassium, copper, vitamin K, vitamin E, and other important nutrients. It is nothing but a nutritional powerhouse to keep you disease-free and healthy. A generous portion of consumption could help you lower your blood pressure, the risk of cancer, control diabetes and manage asthma. Spinach could also help in preventing weakened bones and hair loss, thanks to its high iron content.

1. Salmon

An oily fish that is great for the health of your heart. In order to lower your chances of cardiovascular disease as well as blood pressure, two servings of fish a week could do wonders. Salmon is packed with nutritional Omega-3 fatty acids that slow down the buildup of plaque inside blood vessels and lower inflammation. The acid also ensures better heart rhythms by stabilizing it. If you do not like consuming seafood then try having omega-3 capsule!