6 Starbucks Hacks That Will Save You Money

If you are the kind of person who needs coffee to start their day, during their midday break, after work and practically all the time, then this article is for you. Some of us can’t function properly without caffeine in our system, especially first thing in the morning. And like most people, we find our solace in coffee shops such as Starbucks. However, anyone who regularly buys Starbucks will know that it can be an expensive habit. And sometimes you wish you did not drink as much of the stuff! But there are ways in which you can save money and have Starbucks regularly. Check out the following 6 money saving hacks.

6. Get cheap Iced Latte

You see, the thing about Starbucks iced latte is that it tastes really good. But the downside is that they cost a lot. But you can actually purchase them within $2 (or the equivalent in your currency). Yes, that’s right, just $2. First, you need to order a triple espresso over ice in a Venti cup and that’s it. After you get your order, head over to the condiment area and add your desired amount of milk from there and you will have your own iced latte.

5. Get refills cheaper

Sometimes one cup of coffee isn’t enough for you. And sometimes you feel like taking one more cup while you are on the go even though you just had one right now. Well, Starbucks allows you to get refills anytime of the day, on any size during the same visit. You can however only get refills on hot coffee, iced coffee, hot tea and iced tea. And each refill will only cost you 50 cents. That’s quite cheap if you plan on staying at Starbucks for a while or you just finished your cup and need one more for work.

4. Own cups

If you bring your own cup to Starbucks, whether it’s a reusable cup or a travelers cup or a mug then you get the chance to save 10 cents on each order. Now you might be wondering why you should bother carrying your own mug just to save 10 cents. But you have to see the bigger picture. If you visit Starbucks every day then you will be saving around 70 cents a week and that can accumulate to a fair amount of money during a month or even a year. It’s even better if you visit multiple times a day.

3. Get the Coffee Press

A smart way to save money is by ordering in bulk. The coffee press is designed to give you a couple of cups of coffee. This is much cheaper than ordering individually cups. The Coffee Press is perfect to share with your friends or you can even order it for yourself and horde it if you plan on staying at Starbucks for a while.

2. Split a Venti Frappuccino

A Venti Frappuccino is 24 ounces in size and costs $4 while a Tall Frappuccino is 12 ounces and costs $3. The smartest thing to do here is to order a Venti Frappuccino and ask it to be served in two tall cups. You can now share it with your friend and save $1 each. Quite a smart thing to do.

1. Birthday Treats

If you sign up with Starbucks loyalty program then you can get a free drink during your birthday. Keep in mind that the offer stays for the next 30 days after your birthday so you need to redeem it by then.