8 Signs You Know You’re In Love

Love can be a difficult thing to figure out, especially for those that have little or no experience with serious relationships. Am I really in love? That’s the question a lot of people ask themselves when they become involved in a romantic relationship. Some people say the answer to that important question is: You will know it. For some people, that’s probably pretty good advice, but we are all different and some of us have a lot more trouble making sense of relationships than others. For most couples that first “I love you” is a very big deal. Is your relationship ready for that? Here are 8 things that can help you figure out if you are really in love.

1. You always want to be with them

When true love comes along, some of your other relationships often take a hit. When you make plans, you want all of them to include your partner and you have a hard time with the idea of doing anything without them. There is no one other than your true love that you will want to spend more time with.