6 Signs You Care Way Too Much About What Other People Think

It’s perfectly normal for people to have some level of concern regarding what others think of them. We’ve all heard of “peer pressure,” right? That’s when an individual feels a lot of social pressure to act a certain way or engage in a certain behavior, and the main reason they feel that pressure is because they don’t want others to think less of them. Peer pressure can lead people to do some pretty terrible things but most of the time, people end up feeling peer pressure as a result of something harmless, like claiming that they like a certain kind of music that they don’t really care for or going to a social gathering they really don’t want to attend. Have you noticed any of the following things that may be telling you that you care too much about what others think of you?

1. You Hesitate to be Spontaneous

Some of us are spontaneous and some of us are not, but just about everyone has a few spontaneous moments in their life when an idea hits them or when something pops into their mind that they want to say. If you find yourself over-analyzing too many things you want to do because you are afraid you will experience disapproval from others, you are probably concerning yourself too much with what people think of you. Letting those worries stop you from doing things you want will tend to wear you down after a while, and you may find yourself afraid to speak up even when you and those around you could really benefit from hearing what you have to say.