6 Signs You Might Have Social Anxiety

As medical science learns more about human behavior it is being discovered that people can suffer from many different forms of anxiety. Anxiety is surprisingly common these days and there are more people than ever taking prescription medications to keep it under control. Much like other medical conditions, anxiety can range in severity from mild and occasional to chronic and debilitating. While some people might suffer from a mild case of discomfort during certain activities or occasions, others suffer from chronic, severe anxiety that may prevent them from socializing with others or going out in public. Some people suffer so severely it may even cause them to consider suicide. Science is still working to understand what exactly causes anxiety and how best to treat all the various variations of it that are being discovered. Social anxiety is a fairly common form of this disorder that often leads to isolation and loneliness and these six signs could be an indication that you have it.

1. You’re too self-critical

A very common behavior for people with social anxiety is the tendency to over-analyze social interactions. If you find yourself obsessing time and time again about things you said or how you behaved in a social setting, there’s a good chance you are dealing with some level of social anxiety. It’s common for people in this situation to criticize themselves and beat themselves up over something that they said or did that they later regret. Everyone experiences an embarrassing moment or feels foolish about something they said once in a while, but if worrying about these kinds of things has become part of your regular routine, you may have a real problem.