7 Signs You May Not Be As Healthy As You Think

We would all like to believe that we are pretty healthy, and although most of us probably are, there are those among us who might be thinking much more highly of our health status than we should. There is a host of hidden health problems that only cause subtle symptoms that most people think of as “normal” and insignificant but are really warnings about something more serious that’s going on. People tend to pay a lot of attention to symptoms like persistent pain but might be very quick to dismiss symptoms that seem common, and that could be a serious mistake. Have you noticed that you are suffering from any of these seven symptoms that you should probably pay more attention to?

1. Bad breath

Talk about a first date nightmare! Most people would do almost anything to avoid offending others with foul-smelling breath but it’s not just the social implications of this embarrassing condition that you should be worrying about. There’s no doubt that almost all of us experience “morning breath” on a regular basis or might be a bit less pleasant to be around after adding a bit too much garlic to the pasta sauce, but chronic bad breath is something that you should pay attention to.

It’s not uncommon for bacterial infections of the throat, mouth, nose and digestive system to cause bad breath. The same thing is true for yeast infections, which we might otherwise tend to associate with other parts of the body. Less common but still worth paying attention to is the possibility that bad breath could be the result of something more serious like acid reflux (GERD) or even certain types of cancer.