Signs of Stalking: 10 Signs You Have a Stalker

The harassment that stalkers could possibly put you through, is not to be taken lightly; being stalked can be scary. Ultimately, stalking becomes an invasion of privacy, nerve ending and dangerous (of course). It’s scary to think that someone knows where you are without any direct help from yourself. However, stalking doesn’t have to become just a physical issue, it can happen through the internet, email and many other ways. At the end of the day, you just want to be safe and you should be aware of the signs.

10. You see them often in random places

Okay, so you and the person who is potentially stalking you, always seem to end up in the same places. You can break through with clarity by going to different places that you usually do not go to and see if they pop up there as well. There’s a high chance you’re being stalked if you begin seeing this person in new places as well as old hang out spots. Be aware that this sign works in correlation with other signs as well.