7 Proven Secrets to Happiness

Who among us isn’t searching for happiness? For some lucky people, happiness just seems to be something that comes naturally to them with little or no effort. Although we all might like to be blessed with such a sunny disposition, some of us have to work at being happy. In recent years medical science has proven that happiness is a lot more important than we once believed.

It’s been proven that being happy is beneficial for health and well-being and as you might suspect, negative emotions like sadness and loneliness are bad for your health and can eventually lead to serious conditions like clinical depression and Alzheimer’s Disease. With those factors in mind, we should all probably be looking for ways to be happier, and fortunately, there are indeed proven methods that can lead you to a happier and more fulfilled life.

1. Sleep

Another thing recent research has revealed is that sleep is absolutely necessary if you want to be as happy and healthy as you can possibly be. While sleep may be something we have always thought we could safely cut down on and get away with, sleep is now believed to benefit nearly all of your bodily functions, including your immune system and mood. Experts recommend 7 or 8 hours of sleep every night and ignoring that advice could make you much more susceptible to mood disorders like depression and anxiety.