9 Rare Sleep Disorders – Do You Have Any of These?

Something none of us can live without is sleep. Fortunately, it’s completely free and something the government has not yet decided to tax. At times sleep can seem like a burden since we may be busy with something important (or fun) and we may not be ready to stop. At other times we may be feeling exhausted and really looking forward to that time when we can lay our head on the pillow. Sleep, like so many other things, is not without its problems for many people. For those of us who have no trouble sleeping, it may be hard to imagine how disruptive and distressing some sleep disorders can be.

1. Restless Leg Syndrome


RLS is something that has come to the attention of more people due to advertisements for new drugs that are available for treatment. RLS sufferers experience an unexplained and compulsive urge to move their legs or other parts of their body. Since the legs are the most commonly affected areas, the disorder was named for that particular variation of the condition.