7 Popular Exercises That Are Pretty Much a Waste of Time

Some people assume that just by showing up at the gym and using the machines out there, they’ll be losing some weight and improving their fitness. The fact is, not all exercises are created equal. Even popular ones can sometimes be a waste of your time and energy, or even worse, downright dangerous for your body. Here are 7 workout routines you should stop wasting your time with, and a few tips on what to focus on instead.

1. Abductor/adductor machine

Very popular mostly among women, this machine is generally used for the purpose of doing away with localized fat on the inner and outer thighs. Unfortunately, that’s not how it works. You simply can’t spot reduce fat. Besides, you’re working out muscles that won’t help you all that much in your daily activities. What you can do, on the other hand, are either lunges or just plain squats. Yes, I know, those ones are harder, right? Well, I guess no pain, no gain.