Oral Sex is Good for Women’s Health According to Science!


Based on a research carried out on the effects of semen’s mood-changing chemicals, it was discovered that women’s health could benefit a great deal from oral sex.

A study done by the New York State University, which was not done through practical experiment, but through survey was able to compare the sex life of a sample of 293 ladies to their mental well-being.

It takes after exploration which demonstrates that seminal fluid has inherent chemicals that improve moods, enhances affection, prompts rest and contains no less than three antidepressants.

It was also stated by the researchers that women who engage in frequent unprotected sex usually perform better on subjective tests and are usually less depressed.

Semen contains spermatozoa alongside other chemicals like cortisol, which can enhance affection, oxytocin, and estrone which improves mood.

It likewise contains serotonin (maybe the most popular stimulant neurotransmitter), melatonin (sleep inducer rest), and thyrotropin-discharging hormone (another energizer).

With these components – and this is only a little percentage of the mind changing “medicine” present in the human semen – Steven Platek who is a psychologist along with Researchers Burch and Gallup are of the opinion that ladies having unprotected sex ought to be less depressed than participants of a suitable control.

The Benefits of Semen

More recent discoveries from Gallup’s lab shows that ladies exposed to semen have better concentration and performance levels. The research also suggests that the body of a woman can identify foreign semen which is different from that of their long term partner.

They are of the opinion that the capacity to recognize outside sources is an advanced framework that regularly results in unsuccessful pregnancies – through higher risks of preeclampsia – in light of the fact that it flags a disinvested male partner who is unlikely to cater for the offspring.

Their discoveries additionally propose that ladies who have unprotected sex with their partners – and in this manner are getting routinely inseminated by them – encounter more critical depression when there is a separation or break-up compared to those who were not regularly exposed to the semen of the ex, and thus, they tend to seek rebounds or fresh relationships faster.

To explore the possibilities of semen having stimulant impacts, the researcher gathered together 293 school girls from the university’s Albany campus, who consented to supply information anonymously about their sex lives.

Fresh sexual exercise without protection was utilized as an aberrant measure of seminal plasma flowing in the lady’s body.

Every volunteer additionally finished the Beck Depression Inventory, a normally utilized clinical measure of depressive indications.

The most critical discoveries from this study, as recorded in the Archives of Sexual Behavior were, despite adapting the recurrence of sex, ladies who get involved in unprotected sex demonstrated altogether less depressive indications than those that almost always or always make use of protection.

Significantly, these women that engage in frequent unprotected sex showed fewer symptoms of depression than those who refrained from sex completely.

Surprisingly, sexually promiscuous women who used condoms frequently showed the same depressive symptoms as women who were completely abstaining from sex.

The research also posits that not only are the sexually active women happier but the quantity of semen in their body also influences the happiness levels.

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