How to Improve Your Emotional Intelligence

Improving your emotional intelligence can actually do a lot more for you than making it easier to smooth over disagreements with your significant other. Testing and research have revealed that a startling 90 percent of the most talented and top-performing people in their fields possess higher-than-normal emotional intelligence. What’s a little different about advancing your emotional intelligence is that has to do more with what you avoid doing rather than what you should do. Work towards avoiding the following behaviors to reap the benefits of an improved sense of emotional intelligence.

1. Forget perfection

An emotionally intelligent person knows that perfection does not exist. In heaven perhaps, but that’s another discussion entirely. Getting bogged down in trying to achieve perfection will never actually allow you to attain it and will most likely leave you with persistent feelings of failure. We, humans, are an imperfect lot, making the pursuit of perfection an endlessly unsuccessful quest. Instead of lamenting the absence of perfection in your accomplishments, focus more on the positive aspects of what you have achieved.