9 Eye-Opening Dangers of Hot Dogs

There’s a famous quote attributed to Otto von Bismarck that states, “Laws, like sausages, cease to inspire respect in proportion as we know how they are made.” The same could very well be true for hot dogs since understanding how the average hot dog is made might turn your stomach. Hot dogs are anything but a health food, and between the preservatives used to keep them from spoiling, and the other chemicals used in their manufacture, you are getting a lot more than you bargained for. These 9 dangers might make you pause before you reach for that package of hot dogs in the supermarket.

1. Cancer Risk


A 2009 report released by American Institute for Cancer Research linked hotdog consumption with cancer. Their report was based on information from more than 7,000 scientific studies. They concluded that a person’s risk of colorectal cancer is raised by 21 percent by eating a single hot dog.