8 High-Protein Foods You’re Probably Not Eating But Should

Regardless of the particular diet you choose to follow, careful consideration of the level of protein intake should always be paramount. For one, this nutrient is a key element in the body’s mechanisms for building and repairing muscle.  But also, increasing the consumption of protein-rich foods can help you naturally speed up your fat burning metabolism, while significantly slowing down carbs released into your bloodstream. Below, we include some little known high-protein foods you could include in your diet right now.

1. The Mighty Halibut

Seafood is widely considered nowadays as a cornerstone in most diets. Along with poultry, fish provides a high amount of both protein and the often called “good fats”, while containing an exceptionally low level of saturated fats. With almost 14 grams of protein per 3 oz and rich in vitamin D, Halibut stands out as a must-have food in any diet.