10 of the Healthiest Fruits in the World

When it comes to healthy food, people give a lot of importance to vegetables but ignore fruits. There are fruits which are considered to be a lot healthier than your average vegetables. You can even call them superfruits. Some of the nutrients present in these fruits cannot be obtained from any other food item. Even though sugar content in fruits is high, they are also known for their healthy antioxidants and phytonutrients. Let us look at 10 of the most healthy fruits one can consume.

1. Acai Berries

There is a lot of hype surrounding acai berries, particularly among people who are trying to lose weight. It is true that they aid in weight loss due to their high antioxidant levels. But, the benefits of these berries are not restricted to just weight loss. They provide many other health benefits. Acai berries are rich in flavonoids called anthocyanin which improve your blood circulation. They are good sources of vitamins which make your skin healthier. These berries reduce the levels of bad cholesterol in your body which in turn makes your heart stronger. Juice made from acai berries is good for the health of your digestive system.