10 Foods You Should Probably Stop Eating

Even though modern food production has given us the ability to enjoy the safest food in the history of mankind, in some ways, big food manufacturers are also introducing new hazards into our food supply. Thankfully, labeling regulations force food manufacturers to print ingredients on the packaging so consumers will be more aware of exactly what it is they are eating. Providing information on exactly what ingredients are used to produce food probably does not make big food manufacturers happy, but it gives us consumers the vital information we can use to make better choices. Giving up on the following food items is worthy of consideration, due to the harmful nature of their ingredients.

1. Margarine


After many years of touting the “benefits” of swapping your butter for margarine, the truth is slowly starting to come out. The latest discoveries are suggesting that fat is not as bad for your health as the government and food producers have been telling us since the 1970’s. Margarine can be loaded with trans-fats, artificial flavors, artificial colors, and calories, which probably present a much greater danger than butter ever has.