7 Signs That You Flirt Too Much

Flirting is something that is often done in a subtle matter and there are good reasons for that. It’s a bit like fishing in the sense that you are more-or-less casting out a line to see if you attract any interest. Most people flirt with someone because they have a romantic interest in that person and they want to see if there’s a chance that those feelings are reciprocal. Doing it the wrong way could send the wrong message, so take care to avoid these seven flirting faux pas that can ruin your chances of taking a new relationship to the next level.

1. Excessive giggling

We know that a flirt is likely to laugh a bit too readily at their love interest’s bad jokes. While a certain amount of laughing is bound to boost any jokester’s ego a bit, a flirt can easily come off as fake when they laugh at every little attempt at humor their love interest makes, regardless of how bad it is. In the long run, you’ll do both yourself and your love interest a favor by busting a gut only when they say something you genuinely find funny.