5 Exercises to Help Calm Anxiety

Everyone at some point in their life has experienced some sort of anxiety attack. It’s human nature to panic when things go wrong and worry about things that are not even real. If you give it time, then anxiety passes away and you go back to normal. However, the problem is that the anxiety keeps coming back and each time the pain becomes worse. So what do you do? You exercise. In order to bring down your anxiety levels, the best cure is to exercise and if you are wondering which ones to do, here is a list of 5 exercises that you should try out.

1. Running

One of the best ways to beat anxiety is to go for a run. It doesn’t matter how you run or where you run, just put on your trainers and start running. The best part about running is that you can push yourself to the limit any time you want. Running increases your heartbeat, and your blood starts to circulate faster. As a result, you feel more uplifted than ever due to your brain’s endorphins and can be a perfect cure for anxiety. Quite often anxiety makes you feel depressed. Running does the exact opposite.