7 Disturbing Things Water Parks Don’t Want You To Know

Summertime and a bit of a fun in the sun are often synonymous. Most people have happy memories as a kid when they were allowed trips to the local water parks during the summer. As an adult though, taking a trip to a water park might not sound as exciting as it used to be. Your enthusiasm for water parks might be not there anymore – and for good reason. It turns out, there is some pretty nasty stuff that happens there. Here are 7 such things.

1. They are crawling with bacteria

Often you’ll go to shower rooms at the local swimming baths where they say shower shoes must be worn. There’s a reason for this – foot fungus! But a lot of people ignore these warnings, especially at water parks. Just think of how many families visit the water parks each year. With that many people visiting a place, you are looking at a wide range of potentially infected people, yet most of us don’t think about it.