How to know if your bra is too small: 6 Signs

4. You’re overflowing

Too much of your endowment spilling over the top, sneaking out the sides and dropping out the bottom is a no-doubt-about-it indication that you are wearing a bra that’s just too small for you. Each breast should fit fully and comfortably inside the cup without exposing too much. There should also be a comfortable distance between the two without creating a “uniboob” effect. Much of the time these kinds of problems can be solved simply by selecting a cup size that’s one size bigger. It’s not smart to get hung up on the idea that your cup size will always be the same. Things change due to weight fluctuations and aging. It’s always a good idea to bring along a T-shirt when shopping for a bra. It’s often hard to tell how good a bra looks on you without checking out how it looks under clothing and the T-shirt is the perfect garment for that test.