How to know if your bra is too small: 6 Signs

It seems pretty straightforward, does it not? Either your bra fits you well or it doesn’t. It would be nice if it were that simple, but there’s more to selecting the right size bra than you might suspect. Most women probably don’t think a whole lot about it and do not take the necessary time to select a bra that truly fits, is comfortable and will not lead to pain and discomfort. It’s not possible to estimate the number of women in the world who are wearing a bra that does not fit but it’s safe to say that the number would be quite impressive. These five clues could mean that it’s high time you got serious about a bra that actually fits you.

1. Flying wires

Underwire bras are pretty popular but women who wear an ill-fitted one are probably even more numerous. One way to tell if your underwire is not sized properly for you is to check the positioning of the wires. If the wires are not snug against your body and are hovering even a little bit above the surface of the skin, it’s quite likely that you chose a bra that is too small. There should never be any gaps between the wires and the chest wall, even when you lift your arms up over your head.