Best Apps That Are Helpful For Runners

If you are a runner, then you know how difficult it can be to maintain all sort of running data. You need to keep track of the miles you ran, a number of calories you burnt, the calories you consumed afterward and so many other things. And without proper data, it can be demotivating to run at all. But this is where technology can help us immensely. There are numerous apps that can help runners to organize his or her data and run easily. Listed below are our top 5 apps.

5. Runner’s World Go

A person may have different targets as their running goals. Some may want to hit the road more often, others may want to prepare for their first race and sometimes some just want to cross the finish line in a marathon. No matter what your goal is, Runner’s World Go is the perfect app to get you started. It has all the correct tracking tools and all the road knowledge. It even has the perfect motivation to get you up and running.

4. RunKeeper

A lot of people may not like running as they think it can become monotonous and boring. RunKeeper is the perfect app to make it interesting for you to keep running. How? It can connect with your friends on social media and allow you to share your progress. You can even compare stats and running data with your other running buddies and see who come out on top in the monthly leaderboards. Not only will this ignite a competitive fire under you, but it will also make you want to run more.

3. MapMyRun

One of the most commonly used running apps, MapMyRun is the ideal app for finding new routes to run into. It can help you pick out a new running destination. You can review some of the old routes you have taken or you can find the running routes other runners use in the nearby area. This will allow you to explore newer routes like following a trail of breadcrumbs and make your runs a bit more adventurous. MapMyRun is perfect for running if you are located in a new location and don’t know the surroundings completely yet.

2. Nike+

If you really want to talk about a great running app then Nike+ comes to mind. This app seems to do it all that is required for running. It can track all your miles, measure the time spent running and the distance covered. Nike+ has a specific feature which connects with Facebook and every time you receive e a “like”, the app will cheer you on to finish stronger. Nike+ has also teamed up with Spotify thereby giving you access to a large library of music while you are logged in with the Nike+ app. So this means you will be able to tune yourself out and run without having to select songs on your phone or carry a second device.

1. Couch to 5k

This particular app is perfect for newbies. Often we see people trying too hard at the start of their running and end up hurting themselves. The Couch to 5k app schedules three 30 minute workout per week and at the end of a 9 week period, you will be ready to run a marathon. All your data including the distance run, time spent and calories burnt will be stored and can be uploaded to from where you can compare with other runners and get tips and tricks as well.