6 Things You Could Have In Common With A Serial Killer

Scientists, psychologists, and experts have puzzled endlessly over the factors that turn people into serial killers. Years of research have not uncovered many definitive conclusions but there have been certain characteristics that have been identified by some very well-known serial murderers.

There is still a lot of argument about what causes criminal behavior in humans and whether it’s primarily a matter of “nature or nurture.” Whether certain characteristics that have been identified in some serial killers contribute to their behavior is not known, but the fact that these characteristics are present in some of the world’s worst people is not in dispute. Do you share any of these characteristics with a serial killer?

1. Ted Bundy: A real charmer

How some people can possess traits that influence them to kill in addition to those that allow them to be more charming and manipulative than normal is a mystery, but serial killers like Ted Bundy prove that they do exist. We might think of these people as expert actors since they can so effectively mimic the demonstrations of affection and empathy for others that they do not truly feel.

Obviously, an extra dose of charm and good looks make a serial killer’s work a lot easier. Theodore Robert Bundy was executed in 1989 after being convicted of murder. He had actually admitted to killing up to 30 people in seven states.

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