10 Weird Desserts That Taste Better Than They Sound

Most of us in the west think of desserts in terms of cakes, cookies, ice cream and other sweet-tooth favorites. That does not mean that entirely different approaches to desserts should be off the table, so to speak. Although some of these desserts may not fit neatly into our preconceived notions of what a dessert should be, some of them may offer an experience that’s far tastier than you might expect!

1. Bacon Doughnut


There are those that believe that “everything is better with bacon,” and this unique dessert idea seems custom made for them. Since combining something that tastes sweet with something salty is not at all out-of-the-ordinary, this might actually work. You’ll never know until you try.

2. Beetroot Chocolate Cake


Although most of us are probably familiar with beets (some hate them and some love them!), the idea of using them as an ingredient in a cake may seem a bit out there. However, much like carrot cake, you may find beetroot cake more in line with the taste of a traditional cake than you would expect. In addition, beets are quite healthy and are known to help lower blood pressure.

3. Cherpumple


Now there’s a name that has the ability to arouse some curiosity. The name is suggestive of this decadent desserts contents, which traditionally make use of a cherry pie, pumpkin pie and apple pie all baked inside of a spice cake. The cherpumple recipe was actually created by a humorist named Charles Phoenix, who was inspired by watching his family members sample each available dessert item after holiday meals.

4. Deep-fried Mars Bar


One would normally think of a candy bar as decadent enough in its own right without dipping it in batter and plopping it into hot oil for a quick dip. However, we’re definitely not knocking the idea, especially since we have never tried it. We’re more than willing, by the way!

5. Jalebi


While this colorful candy-like treat might remind some of worms or something else unpleasant, it’s certainly nothing to shy away from. Made by deep-frying shaped batter and then soaking it in sugar syrup, Jalebi is a popular in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and other nations in that region in addition to areas of the Middle East and North Africa.

6. Manju


This traditional Japanese treat has many variations which often contain flour, rice powder, and buckwheat which is made into a sort of cupcake with filling that commonly consists of red bean paste. They are usually boiled first and then kneaded.

7. Meat Cake


Sounds like a good name for a rock band (and perhaps it is, we didn’t check!) but it’s definitely a dessert that sounds like it means business. As it is with many recipes, there are numerous variations. It is often made from ground meat and prepared similarly to the way one might prepare a meatloaf. It is commonly embellished with an outer coating or “icing” of mashed potatoes or a glaze.

8. Red Bean Cake


This idea also comes from Asia and makes extensive use of red beans, which may be in the form of a paste which is frozen, sprinkled with sesame and cut into squares. Other variations involve mixing mashed red beans (minus their outer shell) with gelatin which is then cooled and cut into squares to be served.

9. Vinegar Pie


Although the name may be a bit off-putting, it was likely chosen since vinegar is not typically included in pie recipes. Despite the name, vinegar pie only has a small quantity of vinegar in it which probably serves to give it just a little extra “zing.” In contrast to what we think of when we think of vinegar, this dessert is actually known for its fruity flavor.

10. Wasabi Ice Cream


The name kind of gives this one away as the brainchild of someone in Japan. Wasabi is often used to give sushi an extra kick, which it delivers thanks to the horseradish used to make it. This ice cream is said to be surprisingly edible despite an ingredient like wasabi, which most of us would probably never dream of making ice cream with.

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