8 Signs That Someone You Know May Be Considering Suicide

For most of us, the idea of taking our own life is something we would never seriously consider and we can never imagine ourselves in that situation. It’s important to remember how different we all are and how varied our life experiences have been, so what might seem unthinkable to you may represent a “way out” or an escape for someone who is dealing with a lot of pain an anguish in their life. It’s also important to realize that things can be done to address those issues and there are things that you can do to help people who feel they have no options left.

Suicide is often something that comes as a complete surprise to even those who are closest to the victim. Many people are simply not aware of the warning signs or would never believe that the person who ended their own life would have done something like that. It’s easy to miss potential signs that signal someone is considering suicide if you do not know what they are. The following signs could mean someone you know is seriously thinking about suicide.

1. A noticeable change in emotional state

These are changes that are hard not to notice but may not be recognized as signs that someone is thinking about suicide. These types of changes could involve a person who is normally quiet and reserved becoming a lot more outgoing and gregarious. Someone who is known to be rather down in the dumps or depressed could suddenly become happy and outgoing. Although it may seem like an odd way to react to thoughts of suicide, it may feel like a relief for someone who has been enduring a lot of pain when they finalize their plans to bring it to an end. To them, it may feel like they have finally found an answer to their most pressing problem.

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