Signs of Stalking: 10 Signs You Have a Stalker

The harassment that stalkers could possibly put you through, is not to be taken lightly; being stalked can be scary. Ultimately, stalking becomes an invasion of privacy, nerve ending and dangerous (of course). It’s scary to think that someone knows where you are without any direct help from yourself. However, stalking doesn’t have to become just a physical issue, it can happen through the internet, email and many other ways. At the end of the day, you just want to be safe and you should be aware of the signs.

10. You see them often in random places

Okay, so you and the person who is potentially stalking you, always seem to end up in the same places. You can break through with clarity by going to different places that you usually do not go to and see if they pop up there as well. There’s a high chance you’re being stalked if you begin seeing this person in new places as well as old hang out spots. Be aware that this sign works in correlation with other signs as well.

9. They’re always calling you

Even if they don’t physically see you often, they could still find you on the phone. Especially, if you pick up and there’s a silence on the other end. A person who is stalking a victim will always find a way to communicate with their victim and using phone calls is one of their many methods. It forces you to give them the time of day – they have your attention and it’s what they want.

8. They know so much about you

Your friends may know pretty much every detail about you, down to what’s your favorite color socks. Yet, when it comes to other people, you question how they know specific things about you. The chances are that if someone knows things about you that you’re not sharing with them, they’re stalking you.

In today’s world, it’s easier to get information from a person without them telling you about themselves. Social media is a huge tool that a stalker can use to their advantage to find things out about you, you wouldn’t expect most people to care about.

7. You see them around your home and work place

Something as simple as you pulling into your driveway and seeing an unfamiliar face walking down your street can be a sign of being stalked. That same unfamiliar face can start becoming recognizable around your work place too. As time moves on, you start to familiarize yourself with their physical being completely, because you’re seeing them so often, unwanted. You should be aware of this and look at it as a possible sign, especially if they’re not a resident nor a worker in that area.

6. You begin to receive unwanted presents and more

You come home from work and receive a surprise package from someone you may not know. Did you even want the gift? It can be scary once you realize the gift is from someone you didn’t give your address too. This can be problematic in the stalker situation because now they have a certain type of access to your home. Maybe after one gift, you don’t take it as serious, but once the second gift comes, it shouldn’t be taken lightly.

5. Stalkers have no limits or boundaries

When a person is in pursuit of you from a stalker angle, there aren’t any limits to which they will go to get their tasks done. You may give a warning and it’s not exactly guaranteed that the stalker will back off. In fact, the stalker may just become more tactful and better at stalking you.

4. Your home or property has unexplained damage

To do damage to another’s property is reaching a level in stalking that is hard to return from. At this point, the stalker is showing a desperate willingness to do damage to things you own, in order to get your attention and to start taking them seriously. Not taking a stalker seriously, to them is being rejected.

3. They ask you where you’re going all the time

As stated prior, a stalker may begin showing up in places that you go and that can cause some issues. Then you think about it, what if you didn’t even tell them the places that you go and they still show up? Then you think, what if there were times you did tell them where you’re going and what you’re doing; they keep a personal log on these things. If your stalker is serious, he’ll find where you hang out.

2. They go the extra mile to learn more about you

As aforementioned, a stalker will go great lengths to learn about you. They’ll make this happen with or without your help. Social media, your friends, your family, there aren’t any limits. A stalker will do their research, making sure they know every little detail about you.

1. They take the information they get about you too far

Once a stalker gets the information they need about you, they begin to settle into the fact that you truly don’t want them. After the realization, they may lash out and post haunting things about you on the internet or as previously stated, do harm to you or your personal property.

They turn to manipulation and their misuse of personal information turns into something that you shouldn’t take into your own hands; you need help. The signs of the maliciously-enhanced stalker are turning your life into a nightmare and you want to avoid all of the drama by any means.

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