8 Reasons Why Women Fall Out Of Love

Who can forget the feelings that you experience at the start of a new and promising relationship? There’s hardly a moment that passes when you don’t think about him and you can barely contain the anticipation of seeing him again. You don’t think you could ever love anyone or anything as much as you love your new significant other and you cannot imagine your life without that wonderful person in it. And then it happens. Although the cause may be perfectly obvious and is well-justified, it can also happen for reasons you do not understand and probably never will. You are beginning to fall out of love with him.

At first, you just brush those feelings aside and tell yourself you are going through some kind of phase that will soon pass. But it doesn’t. Before long you are making excuses to avoid spending time with him and wondering how this could have happened. You cannot stand it any longer and you decide the time has come to break it off. He’ll be crushed but you cannot continue to live a lie and you end it. How did this happen? Why do you feel the way I feel about a man you once loved more than anything else in the world? Here are a few reasons that may explain why you fell out of love with him.

1. She’s getting more attention from someone else

A man that spends too much of his time on other pursuits and ignoring his woman is setting himself up for abandonment. All of us want attention in some form or another and it’s important to understand that men and women are not necessarily seeking the same kind. A woman that feels like she does not have the attention of her man may wonder, especially when someone else shows up and gives her the kind of attention she is craving. A woman needs to feel like she’s important a man’s life and any guy that wants to hang on to the woman he loves must make a reasonable effort to make his lady feel like the most important person in his life.


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