Why You’ll Never Lose Those Remaining Few Pounds

One of the most frustrating aspects of dieting for most people is the inevitable plateau. That’s when you lose a certain amount of weight and do not seem to be able to go beyond that point. This is incredibly common when people start to get close to reaching their goal weight and are not able to knock off those final few pounds that would bring them across the finish line. There are numerous ways that you may be sabotaging yourself and preventing you from reaching that goal and you may be surprised to discover what they are and how you may be able to overcome them. Which of the following apply to you?

1. You’re Just Giving Up

Although you have made tremendous progress and have managed to stick to your diet plan religiously, you seem to be hitting a wall as you near that magic number. What you may not realize is that getting close to your goal is a kind of mental trigger for some people that tells them it’s OK to start slacking off a little. Even though it may feel like it’s time to relax a bit and scale things back to celebrate your success, it’s actually a good time to double down on your efforts and work extra hard to strip away those final stubborn pounds.

2. Old Habits Are Hard To Break

We, humans, are creatures of habit, and why not? Life is short and we should not be afraid to indulge in the things that give us a lot of pleasure, right? That may be a fine approach to life some of the time but there’s no escaping the fact that losing weight means you are going to have to give up on some things you really love. A lot of people might think they can go on a diet and get away with hanging on to a long-standing habit such as having a beer or two after work or enjoying a bit of chocolate ice cream after dinner. These are the kinds of things that could be keeping you at arm’s length from your goal weight and you may find that using that bit of extra willpower to put those habits on hold is your key to success.

3. You’re Not Sleeping Enough

The latest scientific research is proving that getting the proper amount of sleep is important for more reasons than we ever might have suspected. Not only is adequate sleep vital for maintaining your overall health and well-being, it’s also incredibly important for people who are dieting to lose weight.

Unfortunately, getting the proper amount of sleep can mean giving up on other activities like going out with friends or binge-watching episodes of your favorite television programs on the weekend. A successful diet demands discipline that goes beyond eating healthier and avoiding junk food. Getting to bed at a reasonable hour might make the difference that allows you to shed those final 10 pounds and reach that coveted goal weight.

4. You’ve Got The Wrong Attitude

When we think of dieting successfully it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that it’s all about sticking with your meal plan and exercising, but there’s another huge factor involved: Your attitude. Having the right attitude is essential when starting and staying on a diet and a bad attitude will almost certainly result in failure. When it comes to exercise it can be fun. But ultimately, true determination – the kind that lights a fire in your belly – is what will serve you best while striving to reach that goal. A weak attitude will often have you wondering whether your goal is simply too ambitious and should be “adjusted up” just a little. That’s the kind of thinking that leads to failure, no matter how modest your goal may be.

5. Focusing on Calories

Simple calorie-counting has proven itself to be an outdated and ineffective method of dieting. Modern research has revealed that some calories are “bad” because they promote weight gain while others are considered “good” because they promote weight loss. These differences can make you feel hungry even though you just ate a ton of food with the wrong kind of calories or can leave you feeling quite full and satisfied after eating a modest amount of food with the right kind of calories. Stick with diets that focus on the kinds of food you eat and not on how many calories that food contains.

Are you somebody who is finding it hard to lose just a few more pounds to get down to your ideal weight?

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