6 Ways Pushups Can Help You Build and Tone Muscle

Remember how you hated doing pushups during your gym class in school and even moreso during football practice outside in the freezing cold? Contrary to popular belief for those who don’t like doing exercise, pushups aren’t just to help build and tone your arm muscles, they can also work out other muscles such as the chest, triceps and back. Check out these 6 different variations and when you have time to yourself, give them a try.

6. Spiderman Pushup

Image Credit: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/207306389070199489/

Image Credit: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/207306389070199489/

If you are looking for an exercise that works out both your chest and arms then this is the perfect one for you. Your deltoids, pectorals, and even triceps are also worked on as secondary muscles. Place yourself in a regular pushup position. As you lower yourself, lift your right foot and swing your right knee towards the right elbow. As you go back up, swing your knee to its starting position. Repeat the same technique with another leg on the next rep. Note: Remember to keep yourself aligned perfectly and keep your form as perfect as you can.


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