Near Death Experiences: 10 Astonishing Accounts

The stories of people who have had life-altering near-death experiences are a rare phenomenon. Their descriptions are simply mind-boggling. Here are 10 of the most astonishing reported near-death experiences.

10. Betty J. Eadie

While undergoing a partial hysterectomy in November of 1973, Ms. Eadie says that she left her mortal body and made a journey to heaven. She further added that her guides were three hooded, monk-like figures who claimed to be her guardian angels. Eadie also claims that she saw a bright light while she approached a tunnel she felt attracted to. Her belief is that the bright light was her savior – God.

Eadie later puts down her experiences and beliefs in a book called Embraced By The Light, which went on to become the No.1 best seller after its launch in September of 1944 and remains in publication today.

9. Veronika-Ulrike Barthel

Ms. Barthel believes that she was transported to Hell after being struck by lightning while driving one day in 1981. There were frightening demons who escorted her and the scene she described was nothing less than the worst horror movie – people were screaming with pain and the smell was so intense that the air was barely breathable. She also talked about a lake that looked like the innards of a volcano, the floor being covered with live snakes and caves where people were being thrown into and shot appears at by the soldier-demons.

Moments later she found herself in her car and for a second she thought her hands, which were gripping the car’s steering wheel, were on fire.

8. Don Piper

The writer of the book 90 Minutes In Heaven, Piper had faced a horrible accident while driving from a pastor’s conference in 1989 when a tractor-trailer crashed into his car. Almost all of his bones were broken and the EMS staff declared him dead. A pastor who came by even started saying a prayer over him when suddenly Piper opened his eyes and looked up. At the hospital, he was treated for the broken bones but was fortunate enough to have no head trauma.

Later, he declared that he had been immediately “transported to Heaven” and found himself in the company of dead relatives and friends. He claims he saw “The gate of Heaven,” and described it to be a “magnificent edifice.”

7. Dr. Mary Neal

Dr. Neal believed that after a kayaking accident in 1999 when she was trapped underwater without air for 15 to 25 minutes she heard God tell her that her family would need her to help them through a terrible tragedy involving her then 9-year-old son, Willie. Willie was killed ten years later in a car accident.

Dr. Neal is now convinced that Jesus, Himself, had saved her and even published a book called To Heaven and Back in May 2012.

6. Howard Storm

Before the near-death experience college professor, Howard Storm was a self-proclaimed “double atheist” and a “know-it-all.” On the last day of a college trip to France, he retired to his hotel room only to fall out of bed, shouting with pain, making his wife call for medical help. At the hospital, they waited for a doctor to arrive who would need to operate on his perforated stomach or he would die.

The wait was so long that a few moments after he had said his farewell to his spouse he found himself standing beside his mortal body and feeling rejuvenated and no pain. This is when he heard voices calling out to him from a dark hallway. Suddenly, he was brutally attacked by ‘demons’ that almost destroyed him. While he lay collapsed on the floor he found himself reciting God’s Prayers, found himself saved and transported back to his mortal body. His book My Descent Into Death describing everything in detail was published in 2000.

5. Ben Breedlove

One week after posting a series of videos on YouTube about his heart problems that later went viral, 18-year-old Texas resident, Ben died of a heart attack on Christmas Day, 2011. In the videos, he talks about encountering death in several instances and feeling peaceful each time. The final index cards (that he often used) in Ben’s last video stated, “Do you believe in angels or God? I do.”

4. Bill Wiese

In his book 23 Minutes In Hell author Bill Wiese describes his torture at the hand of reptilian demons who clawed at his flesh and refused him death, while he lay in bed at 3 AM. He could also hear others being tortured or burnt. At exactly 3.23 AM he woke to his great relief.

3. Crystal McVea

When McVea suddenly went into respiratory arrest during a simple medical procedure, she believed that she was transported to Heaven where she met God. God, she said, was a “bright light” and she remembers having 500 senses as opposed to just the traditional 5. She claims she wanted to stay back both times she was asked to but was sent back by God after relieving her of shame and guilt. This experience renewed her faith in God and she released a book about her experiences named Waking Up In Heaven in April 2013.

2. Ian McCormack

McCormack has appeared in numerous news outlets and talk shows with his story about his descent into Hell after being stung by a box jellyfish and announced clinically dead at the hospital, for a period of 15-20 minutes. He said that he was screamed at before lifted towards a bright light and met God who spoke to him. He believed he was transported from this world to Hell and then to Heaven.

1. Colton Burpo

This, indeed, is a spine-tickling near-death experience about a little boy who underwent surgery after his appendix burst. When Colton claimed that he had been to Heaven and met Jesus, John the Baptist, God, some family members, including someone he called “Pop,” and even a younger sister he never saw.

Todd, Burpo’s father, was astonished – the sister, the little boy was talking about, had died before birth and about whom nobody ever told Burpo and the man he called “Pop” he identified from old pictures as being his paternal grandfather.

Another astonishing fact was that Burpo could tell what his family members were doing while he was unconscious, even though they were in different parts of the hospital, and the narrations proved to be absolutely correct! Todd published a book called Heaven Is For Real and now travels with his son helping him share his stories with others.

What amazing and astonishing stories, right? Makes you almost believe in the concept of an after-life. Or are you still a non-believer?

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