How to be More Productive: 10 Tips

In order to be more productive in life, you have to make some simple changes to your daily routine. Such changes can be simple but incredibly powerful and can make you more focused and attentive. All you have to do is think more rationally and be logical in your approach to your daily activities. If you ever feel like you’re not getting as much done as you’d like, these tips should help.

10. Focus on the Process, Not the Goal

Having goals is important, of course, but when you are working, you need to be thinking only about the process that will actually get you to that goal. Commit to the process of your daily activities and perform them to the best of your ability. Success only comes when you have done the basics right. This can apply to any aspect of life, from the work you do to even relationships.

9. Set Priorities

It is a very simple trick. Just think of what two or three out of all the activities you do on a regular basis contributes more to your overall success. If you figure out certain tasks that are more important than others, prioritize them and maximize the volume of such tasks. Anything that does not serve the purpose of your personal growth must be removed from your routine, or at least put to the back of the queue.

8. Learn to say No

It is ok to be polite and courteous. But your time is valuable and you have to know how to use it. Saying “No” will not make you a bad person if you can justify the reason. Say “No” as much as you say “Yes.” Keep it at an equal level depending on how much a certain call for favor matches your priorities.

7. Start Small

If you want to accomplish something, you have to take small steps by starting small and gradually increasing the volume. It is applicable for any task or project you do. Do not just try to call 20 customers a day if you are new at work. Start with just 2 customers and gradually increase the number as your skills get better.

6. Take Breaks Frequently

Taking small but frequent breaks improves the productivity of work. For example, taking five minutes break every half an hour can refresh and recharge your mind and help you to remain focused on the job at hand. When you start working again after your short break, your quality of work will remain high and so too your overall performance.

5. Schedule your Free Time

You shouldn’t just schedule your work time only; in fact scheduling free time plans is a great habit. If you have planned your free time ahead, the anticipation will make your motivation to go higher and keep you happy. Being happy and positive is an essential tool to improve your productivity in all aspects.

4. Start your day with Exercise

Consistently exercising in the morning can help to energize your body and mind. After exercise, when you get to work, you will be more energetic and functional which can improve your performance. Exercise can make you smarter and elevate your mood, which in turn makes you feel better for the rest of the day.

3. Eat Healthy Lunch

Eating a heavy lunch may ruin the rest of the day and make you just feel lethargic and not be bothered to do what you originally had planned. You have to know eating which food can make your work performance better rather than the opposite. A lunch dish filled with fruits and vegetables alongside healthy protein can make the rest of the day more productive.

2. Drink More Water

Most people simply do not drink enough water. Drinking the right amount of water daily, especially in the morning can boost your metabolism. But the main benefit here is that you’ll feel more energetic throughout the day with the added bonus of feeling less hungry. Do not worry about going to the toilet too often (within reason) as you could use this time as your five-minute break and prevent you from sitting for long periods.

1. Think More and Remember Less

It is important to use your mind productively. Don’t waste your mental energy by always trying to remember the things you need to do. Write them down as a ‘To Do’ list and use your brain instead to think about the job in hand. Then just tick them off your list as your day goes on.

All these simple activities will make you more focused and gradually elevate you to the path of success. You will be amazed by the results if you stick with it consistently.

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