5 Foods That Can Make Painful Periods Worse

Periods are hated by all women because of their unwanted and painful symptoms of stomach cramp, bloating, fatigue and many more. During these three to seven days its important to be careful about what you eat, as even a small amount of negligence with your diet can make the pains worse.

5. Fried Food

During your period, try and stay away from fried food as much as you can. Eating fried food increases estrogen levels in your body, which can increase pain, cramps and changes in the uterus.

4. Dairy Products


During your period it’s best to avoid meats and dairy products. The fats in meats and dairy products are saturated, and can cause inflammation and worsen your pain. Instead, try opting for foods such as fish, beans and lean meat.

3. Sugary Fluids


Sugary drinks and carbonated beverages can lead to bloating and water retention, making you feel very uncomfortable… not the sort of feeling you want when you’re already feeling down, with period pains. Instead, opt for drinks such as water or vegetable juices. A swollen abdomen is the last thing you want.

2. Caffeine


If you love your tea or coffee it might be extremely difficult to wake up and forego your caffeine pick-me-up, but try going without and see how you get on. Too much (or in some cases, any amounts) of caffeine can increase stomach acid, which in turn leads to excess stomach irritation and bloating.

1. Fast Foods

Fast foods often have extremely high sodium content. These foods increase water retention in your body, thereby leading to bloating. Try and make an effort to cut down on your visit to the local fast food restaurant, aim to reduce your salt intake and at the same time increase the amount of water you drink. Water helps flush your liver and kidneys out and reduces the water retention that can be caused by eating too much salt. Try it and you may well see an improvement in your period symptoms.

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