9 Executions Gone Bizarrely Wrong

The thought of executing someone is weird enough as it is – and don’t take that as a position statement on the death penalty because it is not – but when executions go wrong, things really get weird, and not in a good way. The death penalty is a subject that has been hotly debated for a very long time and many arguments for and against it have been aired in countries all over the world. The arguments don’t change the fact that executions have taken place in the past and will continue to take place in the future. The following are a few that didn’t come off as planned.

1. John Henry George Lee


Some people are lucky and others seem to be very lucky. After being convicted of murdering his employer with an axe during 1884 in Torquay, England, Lee was sentenced to be hanged. On February 23, 1885, Lee stood in the gallows at Exeter Prison with the noose secured around his neck. When the executioner attempted to release the trap door Lee was standing on, it failed to open. Another two attempts were made to release the trap door before the execution was called off. Lee was spared another execution attempt and sentenced to life in prison instead. After serving 23 years of his sentence, Lee was released after years of continuous pressure to have his case reviewed.

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