6 Reasons Why The Equifax Data Breach May Be The Worst Ever

Equifax is a company that isn’t in the news very much and that may be the way they prefer it. They are what’s known as a “credit bureau” and their job is to know as much about you as they can. The data they collect on you is sold to other companies who wish to know how “credit worthy” you are. Equifax assigns everyone in their database a “credit score” that is supposedly based on how responsible they have been paying back their debts.

Unfortunately for the millions of consumers in their database, the company may not have been as concerned about the security of that data as they should have been. Hackers recently managed to infiltrate Equifax systems and steal the personal information of millions of consumers. It is likely that this is the worst data breach that has ever occurred and here are the reasons why.

1. 143 Million People Are Affected

A million is a big number, right? How would you like to win a million dollars? Most people would not hesitate to answer yes. Now, think of a million and then multiply that by 143. That’s the number of people who may have had their very sensitive personal information stolen by hackers. Considering that there are approximately 324 million in the United States, that means more than a third of the entire population of the United States is now way more vulnerable to identity crimes than they were just a few weeks ago. Their information is now probably for sale by any number of shady cyber criminals who make their living by imposing misery on others.

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