How to Catch a Cheating Husband: 5 Expert Tips

4. Look for Social Media Profiles

If your partner is constantly popping up on another woman’s social media profile, it’s likely he is popping into her bed too. So trim your search by looking for social media profiles of other women who are unfamiliar to you. Note down their phone numbers and keep an eye on your hubby’s phone to see if any of them calls him. If a so-called work colleague keeps on calling, it’s a fair bet that their association is more than platonic.

5. Use Bing Instead of Google

A very small percentage of people know that the search engine Bing is more personally-oriented than Google. A little digging will reveal to you that Google is efficient in searching for media coverage, while Bing is proficient in searching for phone numbers and addresses. This could probably allow you to track down the mystery woman or perhaps checkup on his alibi. For example, if he says he is going to visit a friend after work, find out that friend’s details through Bing and you can find out whether he is telling the truth.

Take Away

Couples must realize that there should be nothing to hide when they are in a committed relationship. It doesn’t mean at all that you shouldn’t respect your spouse’s privacy, but one should know that respect rests on the foundation of trust. For example, if you have one password for all of your email accounts and your wife knows what it is. Do you think she will ever use it? I highly doubt that. Even if she does, allow her to sift through your email accounts anytime she likes because that is what trust is all about. You have nothing to hide and you respect each other’s privacy because one can’t exist without the other.

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