10 Signs You’ve Picked The Wrong One

Love is something that isn’t easy to explain. Ask someone why they love their husband/wife/partner significant other and you are likely to get a lot of the standard answers. “He’s funny,” “she’s caring,” “he’s sensitive,” “she’s sweet,” “he’s successful,” “she’s hot,” etc. But are any of these reasons the real reasons? Perhaps not, and when it comes right down to it, most of us probably cannot really explain why we love someone. We just do.

They say love is blind, and there is some evidence to support that, but perhaps we should consider that love may be stupid as well. Don’t take that the wrong way! What I mean is that we all seem to love another person for reasons that we cannot really explain. Despite the admiration we have for their good qualities and any physical attraction we have for someone, it’s likely that there are other factors at work behind the scenes that we do not understand and are not even aware of!

We humans are basically just highly intelligent animals, and the factors that attract us to others have a lot in common with the factors that attract many of the earth’s other creatures to each other. There are things like pheromones to consider. Those are the subtle scents we all give off that science has proven to have a significant influence over how desirable we are to specific others.

The bottom line appears to be that we simply may not be able to help ourselves when we are attracted to a particular person. The various signals that we pick up from other people that we are are not consciously aware of may have a tremendous influence over who we decide to be with and perhaps that’s why so many of us wind up with the wrong person.

Most of us have probably been there. You find yourself in a relationship that you are beginning to have serious doubts about. You may not even know why you are starting to feel the way you do about that person who you thought could be “the one,” and now you are wondering if you should break it off. You question yourself constantly and you hesitate to reveal your doubts to the other person. It can be a confusing and frustrating situation that may seem like it has no good answer.

If you’re currently in a relationship you are beginning to have doubts about, here are 10 signs you can look for that may indicate that you are indeed with the wrong person.

1. Your emotional reservoir is running low

Remember when there was a time when you could barely manage to stay away from that special person and even when you were apart, you could barely stop thinking about them? You were probably bouncing off the walls and overflowing with joy because you were so happy with your new relationship. Your energy was through the roof and you felt like you could wrestle a grizzly bear and win!

Sure, that initial euphoria is bound to wear off and that’s completely normal. However, if you find that you have moved too far in the other direction, that could be a sign of serious trouble. Is it becoming exhausting to spend time with that person? Do you feel like they are draining your energy and positive feelings? Does the thought of spending time with them give you hesitation? Those are all signs that you are in a relationship that is going to do you more harm than good in the long run.

Not only do bad relationships cause emotional and mental anguish, a steady diet of negative emotions can also have a significant effect on your health and well-being. In many cases, it’s best to end the relationship and move on. As hard as it might to be to believe after ending a relationship, the right one for you is out there somewhere waiting to be found.


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